WordHoot is a word guessing game inspired by Wordle.

  • Enter any 5-letter word to guess.
  • Gray letters are not in the answer.
  • Yellow letters are in the in answer but in the wrong order.
  • Green letters are in the answer and in the correct order.
  • You have unlimited guesses.
    • Guess the word within 6 tries to keep your winning streak going.
  • Points are calculated from your number of guesses and time.
    • Each guess after 6 guesses will be penalized more.
  • Click "Time" in the stats box to hide timer and points (Casual Mode).

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Upcoming features: speedruns, achievements, and custom colors.

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Total points: 32,066.8
Points average: 157.2
Guess average: 4.4
Time average: 19.2s
Max daily streak: 3
Current daily streak:
Finish one game per day to keep it going!
Max winning streak: 120
Current winning streak: 120
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Word Points Guesses Time
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EPOXY 65.6 5 25.7s Replay
OWING 36.3 6 42.0s Replay
KEBAB 21.3 7 53.3s Replay
EXTOL 18 7 72.0s Replay