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Compelling content has moved beyond articles, blogs or webpages. It is what makes your brand human. Because that's what your customers look for in you 🙂

Nidhi Bennur

Founder & Chief Wordsmith

A freelance content writer by day and a superhero fanatic by night, Wordhoot was born out of a need to express my mind. Today, it has grown into a hive of bubbling ideas that are waiting to be penned down. I have always loved to write. Letters, blurbs, notes. It is this habit that spawned my love for writing and eventually WordHoot.

Apart from this, I gorge on books, travel for therapy and eat, because nothing comes close to Food!


At WordHoot, We Don't Build Content, We Script Awesomeness

Content Is More Than Just Keywords and Description. What makes a brand, a winner is when your words, TALK to your people. Customers look for an inspiration in you and with an engaging story it gets easier for you to widen your reach, create engagement and generate viral social proof!


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